I will often do a SITUATIONAL READING for a client one - two years after their original alignment.

It makes sense, because, as we continue to live our human experience, we also are influenced by our soul.

If you did your last homework, you would have had information come to you from the past reading and clearing which is helping you in your current soul journey.

I suggest that you re listen to your reading from your Soul Realignment and Past Life AKASHIC RECORD reading and go over your energy centre, your soul group and the blocks that were acting on you at the time of that reading.

It is always a very good idea to listen to the recording to remind us where we were and how much we have grown since receiving our soul information and doing the clearing. If you feel that things are not changing, we need to look at the “what” and “hows” of the change and support you to shift the vibration, mind set (third dimensional human existence/logic and ego) and situation to help you.

You are perhaps ready to find out some more pieces of your puzzle.

What is your soul life lesson or theme?

What energetically is happening with your soul and current situation?

A SITUATIONAL READING will look at specific issues that you are currently aware of and want addressed.

These situations will be clear to you because you have had a previous clearing.

An example of a situational reading would be something along the lines of this:

A client provides the following for me -

What is your Current Situation?:

“I’m feeling stuck in my current job but concerned to make a change and do what I want because of financial concerns”

What is your Current Intention or hope from this reading?:

“To know what to do because I feel dissatisfied with my current career and choices”

Other issues causing frustration or concern in your life? :

"Feeling unhealthy, plumbing issues with my kitchen sink, difficult communication with my teenage son, concerned about my elderly parents, worried about a friend that is being treated unkindly by a spouse".

So the above would be an example of what a client wanting a follow up SITUATIONAL READING would provide for me and then I will look at your record, your chakra’s, past life events and any current life events. It is during aSITUATIONAL READING that I will also give you psychic intuitive advice to support the information given in the reading and help you understand the choices available to you and how to make the choices you need most congruently for YOU.



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