Who are you at Soul level?

ONLY YOU have the power to understand.

Every time I look through my Facebook feed I constantly see people telling me:

Lose that weight

Be happy

Shift my stress

Drink the shake

Meditate the manifestation

Be that business leader

Have the online success story

Be highly conscious

And once again, I note people making a LOT of money on teaching people how to "manifest"

The following is fully intended to be sarcastic and no common sense is intended ;)

You can get giddy watching other people transform their bodies , you can jump on forums and share shake combinations or eating plans, everyone has advice telling you how well it has worked for them or a friend and you may even do it and be successful (for a while), while you dabble vibrationally with aligning to the "plan" or "program"

You can feel the excitement of your online successful six figure business after the two day marketing and promotion coaching. Heck, it doesn’t matter that you have no computer knowledge can't get a website together to save yourself and not sure what the content of your “success” will be. Work all that out later, let the universe just "manifest" it for you, zero input from you is required.

Sales, and marketing, brilliant! Let that UBER successful marketer show you how to escalate your sales to a place where you can just sit on your yacht and watch the dollars roll on in. It’s easy, so they say and you have lots of friends telling you it will be a fantastic idea, so consider your market research done.

Love? Been unlucky? Well, there are plenty of courses to help you with that, have someone do some energy work on you and move a block or open your love chakra, that’s all you've needed all along.

If you have read this far keep reading, because the sarcasm is about to be dropped and some serious uncomfortable truths are about to be spoken.

Firstly, YOU CAN NOT get elevated or rich on someone else's modality. No matter how charismatic a leader, coach or counsellor is, YOU are not them. This small, but very important fact is why so many people are existing in human form and not fully experiencing their true human experience as their soul intended before this current incarnation.

When we follow some “get rich quick” manifesting scheme, “get slim quick” dieting scheme, “find love quick” romance scheme, “calm down quick” higher conscious/awakening theme (and in some cases scheme).

We are giving over our free will and choice to another soul to have authority over our existence!

Although this is completely acceptable, reasonable and the safest option (in most cases) during our early years, it is not the most reasonable choice in our adult life. As I sit watching my news feed, there are hundreds of modalities to search and try. Some give you a free try and the course, program or session has basic psychology attached. A soul searching is a soul in need and even if the soul had no intention, with a Paypal click it get's hooked quick! So the only person getting rich quick is the course organiser or the coach or trainer!

Whether it be manifesting money, abundance, love, business success or whatever you are desiring (and there seems to be a modality for everything!), STOP and think about the free will and choice you are giving over to someone else. Will this course, or diet or new trainer really going to do anything different, is this one going to be the one that gives YOU a super power?

ONLY YOU have the free will and choice over your existence and you have the choice to be happy, joyful, in love and abundant or you can choose to watch other’s tell you to give their modality a try.

ONLY YOU have the divine gift of being truthful to yourself, and only you can keep yourself in a place of watching and waiting and “hoping” something will get better, get fixed, become abundant or change.

Like it all not, if you are not vibrationally attuned to a situation, it is going to feel like you are pushing the “proverbial” up a hill. No life coach, no healer, no business modality will change that. Unless we know who we are at soul level, it’s going to be a hard slog and it is going to feel like life is sucking big time, especially if we are actually fighting our own desire and passion.

Now, don’t get me wrong, there are PLENTY of people abdicating their free will and choice and feeling perfectly fine, I’m sure those people would not have even clicked on this article so I’ll leave them in peace to live their lives (no judgement from me) they are exercising free will and choice and that is a very reasonable FOR THEM.

I’m sure though there are many of you that have got this far and are either curious, shaking your heads that I dare question the modality that you have just paid a small fortune for for a weekend course or are just finishing a modality, spent your money and no further enlightened. Others of you may have stumbled across this whilst looking for another nutritional supplement to help your health.

So let me open up the best way I can, using ME as the example, please also note that this is not me selling a “get rich quick program”. I’m not going to “do” anything to you and if you do choose a Soul Realignment® after reading this, or one day in the future - great. If that choice is made, it will be by YOU with YOUR free will and choice.

My Real Life Example

When we choose to incarnate, we choose to have a human experience. Before our incarnation we choose our life themes (there are more than one by the way, that will be another blog!). We come, to quote the Lion King, “blinking into the light” at our birth, full of our soul vibration and divine energy. Lovely, wonderfull and gorgeous, ready to rock and roll and enjoy this human experience.

Then we grow up and make free will and choice based on our belief systems and past life soul information.

So, how did MY free will and choice affect my life to date?

I am fortunate to have three energy realms as part of my soul. The first of which is “Truth”, now truth is very subjective and what I believe as truth, may not be held as truth to others and vice versa. Over the years, my “Truth” has sometimes made me appear aloof, blunt and perhaps at times a person that “inconveniences” others with my information. I too have been inconvenienced with my truth, I have happily watched situations unfold in my own personal and business life that I allowed to go on much longer than it should have. I did not alwasy step in and speak nor trust my truth, in effect causing issues with me and holding me back in areas of my business and personal life, allowing situations to carry on much longer than they should have and not serving me on my soul journey to enjoy this human experience I am currently incarnated into.

Not speaking MY “Truth” also held me back professionally. I would often attend functions with my husband and when professional work was discussed I would also talk about my “day” job (neuro development therapist, paediatric nurse, midwife and business woman) rather than mention my clairvoyance, psychic ability, business intuition energy and the highly successful and conscious business leaders I had as personal clients. Oh no, no, no, I'd be lip zipped, for fear of being put in the crystal ball, tarot reading, glitter eye shadow category (no judgement tarot readers or crystal healers, I say that most truthfully!)

I started to become more recognised with my ability and most importantly I was beginning to impact people at soul level when I had the dreaded lunch!

Oh yes, I had lunch with someone that I had not seen in a while and this person knew all about my “day job” and was asking me how my booming day business was. When I finally got enough courage to mention how successful Soul Alchemy had been since I had professionally launched, this person, looked me in the eye and said “Oh but you wouldn’t get any professional clients like me would you? Just people interested in that sort of meditating stuff” (oh if only she had known some of my clients, that little theory would have been blown out the water!)

Yes, I was angry, yes I had fire in my belly and I’d not felt before and I (ME, MYSELF) knew one thing, right there, right then, I had a passion, and that passion was MY craft and MY passion was past life reading and clairvoyance and IF it is inconvenient for others to understand, and If it makes others feel less professional for believing in MY ability, that is THEIR truth and not MINE!

I came face to face with MY TRUTH over that lunch, and I knew at soul level what I needed to do and my lunch companion was NOT going to influence me with her truth of my inability to work passionately in what my soul was demanding of me.

And then, like magic, it all happened. MY Truth, came to me from everywhere, I knew exactly what I needed to do, I knew exactly who I needed to vibrate with and whom to turn my energy away from and that is when the magic started.

How did this happen? With ME

How will it happen for you? With YOU?

So if you are sitting and thinking that this “might” work this time or your “investment” (as they so eloquently put it!) will get you that six figure monthly income go ahead, give it a try, it's your free will and choice to try anything.

However, if you are ready to find out who YOU are and listen to yourself, you may want to consider a past life Soul Realignment® get some clarity and start driving your own car, be involveed in your own life and destiny and stop being a passive observer in how you play your role in other peoples manifestations.



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