5 Soul Reasons you may be struggling in business start up

Find out how understanding your past lives can allow clarity in your current life and business journey

You may have the best business idea, fantastic product or amazing plan. However, if you are mal-aligned with your Soul you may create a whole bunch of nothing. Sure, we need to work hard, but working hard when you are aligned is being in your passion so it is a joy. When a client comes to me and has been struggling to get a business off the ground, find clients, find interested investors or are exhausted from working hard and watching their dream fade it is highly likely they are mal-aligned with their soul journey.

We can be mal-aligned for many reasons

1. Perhaps one of your guides is holding you in a thought form that is not allowing you to move forward?

2. Perhaps you have a belief system at soul level regarding money?

3. Perhaps you have karmic residue holding you in a resistant pattern?

4. Perhaps you are working against your divine energy centre and not in alignment with it?

5. Perhaps you need to know your soul tribe and make use of your natural source power?

The power of manifesting and universal law is truthful, however if our soul is mal-aligned we may end up manifesting a whole bunch of nothing, getting further and further disillusioned with our situation and plan.

If you are starting a business, struggling with an idea or feeling like your dream and passion is being swamped with hard work you may wish to consider a Soul Alignment specifically with your business in mind. Perhaps you are working for someone else, yet have personal career plans? Consider this reading as part of a business plan!

A one hour reading will allow you to understand who you are at Soul Level, any past life events that may be blocking your current start up and/or hindering your business growth. Understand your strengths and identify the shadow side of your soul that may be blocking you.

A soul business reading will

Give you access to your soul energy centre

Give you an understanding of your soul tribe

Give you information about your primary life lesson

Give you information about any blocks and/or restricions that may be holding you in a repetitive pattern

Give you specific past life events that continue to affect your soul and where specifically these events are manifesting in your current life.

Give you energetic feedback and messages from your guides

Who would benefit from a Soul Business reading?

Struggling start up business operators

People with an idea but no traction to get going

People who feel anxious and/or fearful in operating their business for no known reason

People feeling overwhelmed with the dynamics and/or success of a start up business

People that are waiting and waiting for manifestation and nothing is happening for them

People that perhaps are energetically aligned (psychics, clairvoyants, lightworkers) but are unable to understand the clarity of their path.

The reading will be one hour and will be over a skype call and fully recorded. At the end of the reading I will clear any restrictive energy that presented and I will also give you some follow up homework to continue to clear any issues presenting in your third dimensional reality. As a bonus, I will look at the energy of your business premises (if applicable) and inform you of any specific energetic programs operating on the premises. This energy will also be cleared.

"Carla has spent a week in Sydney on holiday and a huge part of her holiday has involved visiting my business and tapping in to the energies and providing me with strategies to best use these energies to promote my business. It has been so positive and the feeling at work is now of calm and order and I feel ready to expand and embrace the change"

- Sonya, Australia

"After having a couple of friends have readings with Carla, I decided to see what it was about. I had noted one friend, in particular, make quite big shifts in many areas of her life so decided it was worth investigation. To say I was blown away is an understatement. So much information and so relatable to every aspect of how I was living. The clearing work, in particular, was easy, yet powerful. The reading has allowed me to create so many wonderful and positive opportunities. I am glad I was curious and had a reading."

~Marketing Manager, New York

"Carla is clear and insightful with her readings, she is truly gifted and shares so much in her readings. I have gained much comfort and clarity from Carla. I operate several businesses and find Carla’s sessions so helpful and supportive."

~Businessman, Shanghai & Hong Kong

"Carla worked wonders on clearing our new company office space. Not only did the energy lift, but we have also had an effortless transition to the new space, which now feels welcoming and abundant."

~Business executive, UK

"After having my Soul Realignment two years ago I came to Carla for a Soul Situation Reading. I wasn’t disappointed, the reading was just as insightful and supportive in allowing clarity and peace of mind. Carla also Kinetic Shifted some of my embodied belief systems which was a very strange feeling but an experience that gave me immediate clarity and balance".


Who is Carla Pahl?

Carla is a successful business owner, director and manager, having worked operating several small businesses in Hong Kong for the past twenty five years. She has professional qualifications in nursing, midwifery and has associations with many varied aspects of business. Carla is also a past life visionary (she can clearly see past life event and can accurately give this information to her clients), a clairvoyant and business psychic and Soul Realignment® Advanced Practitioner. Carla can give you the information you need, accurately and then support you during clearing.

It doesn't have to be a hard journey. Knowledge comes with clarity and clarity allows direction to success.




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