Acknowledging past to move into our future

YES, it is so tempting to get a quick fix and try and get a look into the future. I constantly see clients that are keen to know what the future has in store for them. I also see many clients that have been practising gratitude in the hope of manifesting a magnificent outcome. It does work, for a while... We are all divine beings and we all have our shadow side. Unless you address the dark, you cannot bring in the light. Unless you address your shadows and take responsibility for them, you may find yourself in a repetitive pattern of white washing and excuse. Our soul can carry the residue of many choices made by our higher self over many past lives, once understood and cleared, life just becomes so much easier! Ultimately YOU know your truth. How many situations are currently occurring in your life and using your energy as you watch and wait hoping something will get better? And, knowing in your gut it isn't going to? But are you watching and waiting and are you telling yourself and everyone around you it's going to get better? Be careful of fortifying your logic or ego as it will keep you in resistance to your true higher conscious. A Soul adjustment may be in order! I am an Advance Soul Realignment™ practitioner and can help you find clarity in your path.

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