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My Services
By Appointment & Online

Akashic Readings 

Soul Realignment™

$5000 HKD

To create in our authenticity and live expressing our unique divinity we must first understand who we are at soul level.  This sacred Akashic information is our soul blue print, unique to us alone, our inner guidance, our gut, and our intuition.  Understanding of your soul group of origin and the exceptional tool box of gifts you have been given to experience this incarnation with is the beginning of the soul alignment process.  As past life situations that have become belief systems in this life are understood, powerful clarity of self knowledge is gained.  As all of our creation is of source soul inception there are also unique specific energetic qualities or soul DNA that are part of our energetic matrix. There are EIGHT unique energy centres.  Understanding YOUR energy centre will unlock your divine tools, talents and gifts which sadly for many adults lay dormant in an unused energetic tool box.  During the reading I will ACCURATELY tell you what discordant energy is getting in your way of health, relationships and physical and financial abundance.  I will then guide you to clear and heal over the areas that were incongruent to your divine source vitality and support you to make actionable change to make new choices with aligned congruency.  Having a new set of soul aligned energetic tools to use allows you create your own human joy and experience. Allowing great understanding on where relationship, career, financial, emotional, physical or sub conscious restrictions due to mis aligned incongruent past life blocks and obstacles that have manifested into your present life belief, relationships and abundance.


This reading brings clarity in all aspects of your life, clients generally awaken to the future possibility awaiting them.  A one hour psychic intuitive follow up session 4 - 6 weeks post reading is included in this service. My clients are all over the world; Australia, Thailand, Singapore, Hong Kong,USA, Europe and the UK- even though I am based is Hong Kong, I can connect anywhere.

My readings are accurate, insightful, highly intuitive and empowering. 


This service includes a full recording of the Soul Realignment Reading & follow up reading.

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Arms Up

Spirited Child

$2000 HKD

Spirited Child is a service of Akashic Readings and Soul Understanding of your child or teen.

The reading is appropriate once the child is 12 weeks of age and can be done on behalf of your child up to the age of 18 years. You will receive information about your  child's soul group, any discordant energy and restrictive past life situations incarnated into current human experience.  It is also beneficial to see any potential red flags or restrictive thought patterns that may manifest as a result of incarnation with the soul.  Often our children incarnate to support us with our own soul journey so clarity of what our Childs soul is incarnated to have guidance for is extremely empowering to a parent child soul union.

This  reading is supportive of parents who may be struggling to communicate with their teenagers or children and feel their child may be in a place of angst for unknown reasons. I do not need to physically see your child to conduct this reading.  Most parents find this reading insightful and gives much clarity in understanding certain aspects of their child's behaviour, anxieties and emotions.  We as parents are also in a position to support our child in their authentic soul gifts.This service includes a full recording of your reading.

$1800 HKD

.Sometimes we are holding ourselves in negative energy patterns due to the choices we have made, one of these being our home environment.  Living in a home that fortifies imbalance in our life can be unsettling for our soul and journey. 


I can look at your home, pick up any negativity and clear any adverse patterns.  I identify any discordant malaligned energy of any potential homes you may wish to move into or purchase and I can clear energetic residue if you are having trouble selling your home. I do not need to be physically present to clear your house and I have cleared discordant energy on many property and business spaces globally. This service includes a full recording of your reading.

Meditating at Home
Image by Ksenia

Situational Reading

$2500 HKD

From time to time situations will arise in our life where we need to draw on the clarity from our higher conscious. A situational reading is perfect for clients who may be facing a life, relationship, business, family or personal predicament presenting as a block or crossroad to their path.


In this reading, I will go to your Akashic Records, speak with your personal guides, and present relevant information including any past life discordant energy or restrictions in your emotional body and mental thought form, causing clarity barrier. These will then be cleared enabling clarity and ease in following your divine path and soul journey. This service includes a full recording of your reading.

Psychic Reading

$1800 HKD

Psychic Readings are excellent to make sense of parallel trajectories available to us and our ability to course correct a fluid future with our aligned authenticity. I reserve my psychic readings for clients that have had a Soul Realignment for a very important reason. 

Energetic readings for future clarity is always supportive of our unique path and infinite abundance.  My psychic readings are only available to past Soul Realignment clients, as it is necessary to clear our blocks and restrictions to allow actionable change and future course trajectory correction as required.  If we allow blocks and restrictions to present as recurrent themes in our lives, we may never be in a position to act on our own free will and choice moving forward.  Discordant energy between soul and human experience can have us stuck, doing the same old things over and over (health, relationships and financial abundance) and continuing to follow old patterns and belief systems getting us the same results.

For Soul Realigned clients, this is a powerful way to look at possibility, probability and make actionable choice for self authenticity and infinite possibility. This service includes a full recording of your reading.

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Hypnosoul-Kinaesthetic & Somatic Shift

$2000 HKD

Our soul chooses our human form to express itself.  A soul is vibrationally incapable of communicating and experiencing life in an incarnation if not in human form. However, often the body can become dense with weight, thought, emotion.  The flow of lymphatics, blood, mobility are not always efficient. Adrenal fatigue and endocrine issues and related health are all significant of vital force glitching.

As a hypnotherapist and energy observer I can allow you to release and let go of blocks and restrictions in your physical form hijacking you from optimal health.  Like all things, you are responsible for your long term health and vitality. However, releasing an old chronic pain, a pain of unknown origin, a phobia or a debilitating habit may be the key to unlock a whole new trajectory of focus and clarity for you.



$2000 HKD

I am a professionally  trained nurse & midwife and Clinical Hypnotherapist. In my hypnotherapy practice I see a range of clients for many and varied requests.

I have found that my Soul Aligned clients get great value in hypnosis post session.  If we have incarnated with a discordant energy that has us thinking or acting in a certain way, we may unintentionally even from pre verbal childhood align to the energy that is maligned from our authentic selves.  Hypnosis to support release of mind, body, mental and emotional belief systems in our subconscious mind allows instantaneous escalation of vital force self energy.  Here in this place fo clarity and understanding, limitless and actionable change can take place. 

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