'When did you realise you could do this?'


I have been asked this question so many times and I always answer the same way; “When I began to understand that not everyone was experiencing what I was experiencing.”


I was born and raised in Australia and from my earliest memory I have been a psychic empath and healer. I have always been able to read people energetically. Music, paintings and scents could reduce me to tears or fill me with an emotion that was quite difficult to understand in my early life. Similarly, I was not fully conscious of the energetic healing I was capable of. I remember being chilled and perplexed and even very frightened at some of the experiences I encountered. 


After finishing school, I became a paediatric nurse and midwife. In 1997 I moved to Hong Kong with my husband and have called this vibrant city home ever since. The economic climate of Hong Kong was an opportunity for my business intuition to manifest, allowing me to effortlessly launch and operate several successful businesses. 


I am passionate about past lives and I have always been able to see and interpret them with ease.  I successfully and accurately can clarify the past life blocks and restrictions that are currently playing out in my clients daily life, relationships, and business.

In 2o14, I consolidated my past life understanding and energy healing by becoming a Soul Realignment™ Advanced Practitioner, allowing my clients to have clarity and understanding of their personal soul journeys, Akashic Records, and inner wisdom. Since then, I have been honoured to read for hundreds of clients, their children, and their businesses worldwide. 

I am amazingly blessed to work with souls and energy, and every reading I do is a privilege.





Level III Soul Realignment™ Advanced Practitioner, Hypno-Reiki Healer, Psychic Clairvoyant, Business Intuitive, Clinical Hypnotherapist,  Registered Nurse (Paed.), Registered Midwife and Neurotherapist 




Akashic Readings and Soul Realignment

I look at your soul Akashic Record and profile and find any blocks and restrictions you may have that could very well be affecting your current life. You will receive clarity of the nature of your soul including your soul tribe and energy centre.  I do the profiling before your reading (you don’t need to be physically present). I then Skype you and record your reading for you. I do a complete Soul Realignment and Akashic energy clearing. This reading brings clarity in all aspects of your life, clients generally awaken to the future possibility awaiting them.  A thirty minute follow up session 4 - 6 weeks post reading is included in this service.

My clients are all over the world; Australia, Thailand, Singapore, Hong Kong, Europe and the UK- even though I am based is Hong Kong, I can connect anywhere. I am a certified Advanced Soul Realignment practitioner and my readings are accurate, insightful and healing.

Price: HKD$5000

Pitter Patter Soul Chatter (Akashic Readings and Soul Realignment  for children)

I can do a soul Akashic Record and reading on a child from 12 weeks of age. I can give you information regarding your child's soul tribe, any negative karma that has incarnated with the soul, and potential blocks and restrictions and red flags. This is a particularly useful reading for parents struggling to communicate with their teenagers or children struggling for unknown reasons. I can Skype worldwide, and, like with Soul Realignment, I do not need to physically see your child to conduct their soul profile.

Price: HKD$1500

House Clearing 

Sometimes we are holding ourselves in negative energy patterns due to the choices we have made, one of these being our home environment.  Living in a home that fortifies imbalance in our life can be unsettling for our soul and journey.  I can look at your home, pick up any negativity and clear any adverse patterns.  I can check the energy of any potential homes you may wish to move into or purchase and I can clear energy if you are having trouble selling your home. I do not need to be physically present to clear your house, however if you wish to have a sage cleansing done by myself this is restricted to clients in Hong Kong. 

Price: HKD$1500 (distant), HKD$2000 (in person, including sage cleansing)

Psychic (Only available to clients that have had a Soul Realignment)

Energetic readings for future clarity and a situation reading is always supportive for our unique path. My psychic services are only available to past Soul Realignment™ clients, as it is necessary to clear our blocks and restrictions. If we allow blocks and restrictions to present as recurrent themes in our lives, we may never be in a position to act on our own free will and choice moving forward.

Price: HKD$1800


Situational Reading (Only available to clients that have had a Soul Realignment)

From time to time situations will arise in our life where we need to draw on the clarity from our higher selves. A situational reading is perfect for clients who may be facing a life, relationship, business, family or personal predicament presenting as a block or crossroad to their path. In this reading I will go to your Akashic Records, speak with your personal guides, and present relevant information including any past life blocks or restrictions to you. These will then be cleared enabling clarity and ease in following your divine path and soul journey.

Price: HKD$2000

Hypno-Reiki (Only available to clients that have had a Soul Realignment)

Hypno-Reiki is a combination of Hypnotherapy and Reiki healing. Using these powerful methods of healing, the treatment is relaxing and calming for the body, mind, and soul. I am a certified clinical hypnotherapist and have used Reiki for healing since my own early childhood. 

Price: HKD$2000

Channelling and Medium

If you want channelling done (clairvoyant service and speaking to spirit or loved ones crossed) I can come to you or you can come to me for a one hour reading.  

Price: HKD$1500


Connecting to Heal. Healing to Connect.



My interactions with Carla were multifaceted exploring in-depth and reaching across many areas of her clinical and professional practice – hypnotherapy, midwifery and paediatric knowledge. This alone, her extensive skill base, compassion and commitment to supporting her client's needs is enough to share my recommendation, though her ability to help you feel safe, understood and truly heard are further qualities that so simply radiate from Carla and her client centred approach, I cannot speak more highly.

As a health practitioner also, I was impressed by Carla’s use of and reference to evidence-based guidelines, best practice and research, as well as her consideration for holistic care, not to mention her intuitive guidance and direction.

Carla’s gentle nature and calming presence helped me to feel at ease and in an environment of trust, allowed me to share my inner quarrels with bulimia, an extensive history of being bullied and the near loss of our baby boy. Carla, respecting my fear and vulnerability, absorbed my turmoil and trauma without judgment and I felt confident then to focus on resolution and healing.

Hypnotherapy with Carla helped me work on breaking down and clearing blockages and anchors that continued to reinforce negative and unhelpful actions.

Carla radiates a beautiful energy.

~Health Professional, Australia

Initially, I was introduced to Carla through her hypnotherapy practice.  I sought to support my teenage daughter who at the time was having difficulty at school, had become difficult to communicate with and I felt I was unable to support whatever she was trying to navigate.  I happened to note the Soul Alignment service Carla offered and decided to give it a try.  It was incredibly insightful, I was astounded at many of the things presented to me from the reading and had a greater understanding of my daughter and her temperament and silent concerns.  The reading opened up so many avenues for me and what had been challenging dissolved into a clear and happy path of communication allowing me to support my daughter in ways that would have been impossible without the Akashic information.  

-Mother of teen Hong Kong

After having a couple of friends have readings with Carla, I decided to see what it was about.  I had noted one friend, in particular, make quite big shifts in many areas of her life so decided it was worth investigation.  To say I was blown away is an understatement.  So much information and so relatable to every aspect of how I was living.  The clearing work, in particular, was easy, yet powerful.  The reading has allowed me to create so many wonderful and positive opportunities.  I am glad I was curious and had a reading.

~Marketing Manager, New York

Six months ago my anxiety was taking over my life to the point in which everyday tasks became exhausting and unmanageable. It was at this point when I was unable to leave my bed that Carla turned my life around. After working with Carla I am blown away and so grateful for what she has done for me. I now live every day in control and to the fullest! Life is once again exciting and joyful. Thank you Carla! 

~Caroline, mother of 3, Australia

Carla is clear and insightful with her readings, she is truly gifted and shares so much in her readings.  I have gained much comfort and clarity from Carla.  I operate several businesses and find Carla’s sessions so helpful and supportive.

 ~Businessman, Shanghai & Hong Kong



Thank you Carla for connecting me to my Mum who passed away in November 2017. I went through so much with my family whilst my mother was dying and even after she passed. Being able to connect to Mum and having her tell me all that we did for her was everything she wanted was just so surreal and cleansing. Your description of Mum regarding who she was, what she loved and her past was hauntingly accurate. Discussing matters that occurred whilst my Mum was slowly passing away that only my immediate family knew about was truly amazing and accurate. Carla, you were able to give me so much clarity, inner peace and happiness and I just can't thank you enough. It was just wonderful to be able to connect to my Mum through you. I can’t wait for your return to Australia so we can catch up again for some more soul searching.

~Businesswoman, Australia


I had a reading done with Carla over the phone. She spoke clearly and made sure I understood everything before continuing. I am so grateful for my experience! It has allowed me to get to know myself better and given me an opportunity to work through and release deep-rooted issues. She has a way of bringing things to the surface that are buried, but you always knew they were there because they affect every part of your human experience. I have recognised my passions and potential. I am very pleased to say that I am still benefiting from my experience and learning new ways in which I can express my soul divinity. Her reassurance and insight has lead me onto a much greater path in life that extends beyond the information I received. I highly recommend her brilliant work!



Carla worked wonders on clearing our new company office space.  Not only did the energy lift, but we have also had an effortless transition to the new space, which now feels welcoming and abundant.

~Business executive, UK

I have known Carla for over thirty years but had not seen her for many, many years. I contacted Carla as I wanted to reconnect with her. At the time of contacting Carla, I was dealing with a number of personal issues that were distressing me. I disclosed these to Carla, and she gave me a pathway to move forward in my life and to accept my past as just that; the past. The empathy, sincerity and honesty she displayed gave me the footprint to a better, more gentle life. I cannot ever repay her for what she gave back to me. This woman is a wonder to be loved, trusted and respected.

~Marie, Australia

After having my Soul Realignment two years ago I came to Carla for a Soul Situation Reading.  I wasn’t disappointed, the reading was just as insightful and supportive in allowing clarity and peace of mind.  Carla also Kinetic Shifted some of my embodied belief systems which was a very strange feeling but an experience that gave me immediate clarity and balance.


My mind is so calm and my anger is gone, I am no longer wallowing in the mud of dark thoughts and self-pity anymore. 


Carla is one of the most intuitive people I have ever met. So professional, so switched on. Thank you Carla for helping me!

~Mitch, Australia


Carla has spent a week in Sydney on holiday and a huge part of her holiday has involved visiting my business and tapping into the energies and providing me with strategies to best use these energies to promote my business. It has been so positive and the feeling at work is now of calm and order and I feel ready to expand and embrace the change. As well as doing my soul realignment she has done soul realignments with my husband and children. It has been a very cathartic and eye-opening experience. I feel more in control and able to understand how and why different members of my family react the way they do. I feel so relaxed but able to feel and think on a different level. I am blown away at the changes that Carla has made to my life and soul. I feel free to move forward especially knowing that my children have been cleared of all past negative karma.

~Sonya, mother of 3, Australia


I sought Carla’s help to move a property that I had been trying to rent out for several months.  Carla looked at the Akashic story of the home, removed and cleared the blocks and energy attached to the home, reinstated clear intention and energy and within one week of her clearing the home I had three potential renters and chose whom I felt would be my best tenant – incredible!

~Female Professional, Australia


Carla was given permission by my soul to find out if any of my previous lives were influencing this current one. The result was astonishing. It came out that I had made vows in previous lives that had stopped me from reaching my full potential in this life. Looking back I always knew that in certain areas of my life something was blocking me from moving forward and Carla touched on every one of those areas during the reading. If it was possible to apply my reading to others in general, I would not have been convinced but it was so specific that the sceptic in me was silenced. In fact, I regret not having known that which she had told me at an earlier stage of my life, which would have made many things a lot less complicated. Carla also gave specific and accurate readings for both my daughters and my husband, which only an expert would be able to do. After the readings, we, as a family, discussed the outcomes and were all overcome by emotion as we recognised our underlying personal issues and for the first time ever confront them out in the open. Carla also guided us on how to break the bonds that still tied us to our previous lives. The readings gave us insight into our own and each other’s souls. Ever since the four of us have developed a deeper awareness of our personal and each other’s feelings. Above all, we have learned to have tolerance and empathy for each other and for ourselves -particularly in those difficult areas that have been identified. This insight into the unknown provided a realization of possible dimensions beyond this physical experience that we call reality or life.

~Celia Claase, teacher, artist and author, Hong Kong

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